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Hot In Cleveland - Season Four

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Dec 5, 2013
Hot In Cleveland - Season Four

"Hot in Cleveland" has lasted more than four seasons. The show answers the television public's hunger for nostalgic television. This series blends "Golden Girls" with a show like "Sex and the City." Each week, these four friends deal with crazy relationships, wacky hi-jinks, and old-timey sitcom conventions.

The season plays out like past seasons with each character having their own special plot of the season. Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) gets a job as a copywriter and works with a high-powered and slightly unstable exec played by Heather Locklear. The problem is she's fallen for Locklear's ex played by Jay Harrington. Joy (Jane Leeves) is adjusting to life as a grandmother and decides to go back to college. Victoria (Wendie Malick) gets cast in a movie by Woody Allen and continues her quest for love. Elka (Betty White) embarks on a relationship with her hairdresser played by Regis Philbin.

The shameless promotion does sort of overshadow the fun of the behind-the-scenes moments.

There are no notable bonus features except for the special, "Look Who's Hot Now," which is a shameless plug for Kirstie Alley's new TV Land show. It blends the outtakes and some behind-the-scenes moments, but it feels really dated and forced. It features the four leads, Bertinelli, Leeves, Malick, and White and Alley just standing in front of a studio audience. The shameless promotion does sort of overshadow the fun of the behind-the-scenes moments.

Ultimately, the series is still entertaining. Sadly, there are no great bonus features, but fans of the series will enjoy the complete season.

"Hot in Cleveland: Season Four"

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