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Where The Bears Are - Season Two

by Brian Callaghan
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Dec 16, 2013
Where The Bears Are - Season Two

The web series "Where the Bears Are" debuted in 2012 and quickly became a hit with bears (and bear chasers) around the world. The series followed a group of furry, chubby Los Angeles gay men on a comedy mystery adventure that provided a hilarious look at bear life in and around the Silver Lake section of LA.

"Where the Bears Are: Season 2" was broadcast online in the summer of 2013, and offered more laughs and another murder mystery in a series of 23 seven-minute episodes. The series once again offers fast-paced fun, with lots of high and low humor and plenty of shirtless and scantily clad furry men of all shapes and sizes.

Primary castmembers Rick Copp and Ben Zook are back as the series' writers, and their co-star, Joe Dietl, directs the series. Tasty Ian Parks returns as adorable Todd, and Margaret Cho appears as a guest star in Episode 4, playing a naïve Korean woman who is secretly an evil dominatrix.

The DVD set of Season 2 is now available and features all of the new episodes as well as several excellent bonus features which include:

- The full-length uncensored feature version of the series with rear nudity, but alas, no frontal fun.

- Nelson's (Ben Zook) hilarious commercial for Soak 'Ems adult diapers, which has him swimming, playing tennis and riding a bike wearing the adult undergarments. However, the true absorbency test is when he pours the blue water into them, followed by chocolate pudding and baked beans as well, only to have the whole mess come tumbling out.

Consider it the perfect holiday gift for the furry man, or men, in your life.

- A new previously-unreleased 20-minute Thanksgiving episode shows the men behaving at their irreverent best in conjunction with their Turkey Day celebration together.

- The travelogue episode of idiotic Wood's (Joe Dietl) infamous web cam show from the boys' Cruise4Bears European cruise.

- A wealth of bloopers, outtakes and deleted scenes.

- A very funny and dishy feature length commentary featuring the show's stars, who are also its creators.

- An amazing number of foreign language subtitles including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino as proof the bear community is looking to spread its wings to a global audience. The DVDs are also in the NTSC Region 0 format so they'll play pretty much everywhere, a wise move for getting a worldwide audience to follow the series.

"Where the Bears Are: Season 2" is a fun and funny celebration of Silver Lake bear life and DVD sales will help support Season 3 of the series. Consider it the perfect holiday gift for the furry man, or men, in your life.

"Where the Bears Are: Season 2"


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