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VEEP - The Complete Second Season

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Mar 25, 2014
VEEP - The Complete Second Season

The first four episodes of "Veep: The Second Season" - "Midterms," "Signals," "Hostages," and "The Vic Allen Dinner" - have previously been outlined at EDGE.

The remaining six segments are out on Blu-ray and in digital format, and include audio commentary and deleted scenes. But the mirthful meat remains in Armando Iannucci's tightly-scripted scenes and rapid-fire performances about those "who lie for a living," as the White House distances itself from second banana Selina Meyer (snarky Julia Louis-Dreyfus) by giving her "Quaker in a tittie bar" looks.

Episode 5 sends the team to Helsinki, where Selina receives an Angry Birds clock (since the annoying app was invented in Finland) and a groping by the Prime Minister's husband (appropriately inappropriate Dave Foley) in a "sexual 9/11," as the yes-men and yes-women compare the merciless modern media to the Eye of Sauron.

When Selina is implicated in a spy scandal cover-up bad enough to warrant "ten years of Oliver Stone movies," she is dubbed "Meyer the Liar," even as she draws her slimy but sexy (to Selina) ex-husband Andrew (Adrian Brody-looking David Pasquesi) back into the fold, as well as those who have been "the Hunter S. Thompson of bar mitzvahs."

"If you want to get some cardio exercise, you first have to have a heart."

In episode 7, "Shutdown," Selina must furlough some of her staff, prompting her to note, "I love that kind of misogyny." Old friend and current journalist Janet Ryland (deadpan Allison Janney) produces a "rough puff piece" to ensnare Selina (while wearing a prescient spider web necklace) while touring the Veep's Naval Observatory quarters, which Selina likens to "living in a doll's jail."

Selina takes the fall for the POTUS's failings during "DEFCON Fuck," and becomes the "No BS VP" in episode 9, "Running." She schmoozes with "donor boners," yet instead of breaking the glass ceiling just shatters a glass door and gets hopped up on St. John's wort. "D.C." is the final episode of the season, and even though the Prez is losing support, "impeachments are so '90s" so the "Veepeople" reevaluate their allegiances, subsisting on the anxiety diet, "anxiet," coining catch phrases like "the gash with the stash," and questioning their lives in D.C., the "district of cunts."

Selina also advises, "if you want to get some cardio exercise, you first have to have a heart."

"Veep: The Complete Second Season"
Blu-ray set

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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