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L.A. Law - Season Two

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday May 21, 2014
L.A. Law - Season Two

Just a mere 3 months after its premiere season was released on DVD, out comes "L.A. Law: Season Two". Shout Factory should be applauded for giving us fans 20 more episodes of the saucy, drama-filled legal series from the 80's and 90's.

It helped boost a second career start for star Susan Dey ("The Partridge Family") who as Grace van Owen gave the show its romantic and competitive edge while she dates Mickey Kuzak (Harry Hamlin). Their ongoing romance is one of Season Two's highlights.

Other changes include the addition of Benny (Larry Drake), the disabled clerk who was introduced in Season One and now becomes a full-time character. Blair Underwood also joins the cast and as hot-shot lawyer Jonathan Rollins, he adds some new sizzle to the show.

Another change involves the dissolution of enduring courtroom cases...unlike Season One, the second season has most of the court drama wrap up by the end of each episode.

Again, video quality for "L.A. Law: Season Two" looks a bit fuzzy and dated but not as bad as the prior season. Let's just be happy these are coming out at all and at around $30 for the entire season, it's reasonable.

No special features are to be found this time around, unlike Season One which featured new interviews with most of the cast. Let's see if this is a continuous trend as other seasons are released.

"L.A. Law: Season Two"

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