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Pretty Little Liars - The Complete Fourth Season

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jun 12, 2014
Pretty Little Liars - The Complete Fourth Season

"Pretty Little Liars" has reached an epic crescendo of drama for its fourth season, available on DVD. Not only is the identity of the all-knowing, all-seeing cyberbully A still in question, but we finally learn the identity of "Red Coat" and find out what really happened the night of Alison DiLaurentis' disappearance. The series delivers the WTF moments you'd expect. The bonus features do shed a little light on the development of this insanely mysterious series.

Season 4 finds the girls struggling to discover the identity of an uber-A. Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) could not have been working alone. They also discover secrets about Alison and everyone's favorite love interest Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). The show is still going strong and doesn't feel like its gratuitously keeping audiences in the dark. Instead, there's a huge long game set to eventually reach a turning point. This season provides an adequate amount of answers and even deeper questions.

This season provides an adequate amount of answers and even deeper questions.

The bonus features are clear and concise and also give fun details to avid fans of the show. There are three behind-the-scenes featurettes "Unhooding Red Coat: Alison Is Alive!" not only reveals a huge spoiler, but it also gives insight to the development of "Red Coat" as a character and how Alison has changed since she was believed to be dead. "Confessions of 'A' Lair" talks about how the production design of the secret lairs of the A-ntagonist has given insight into the twisted mind of the enigmatic super stalker. It also includes some insights from the creators about details you might miss. "Pretty Little Scenes" explores the complexities and costumes of the various theme episodes. There are also bonus unaired scenes which are little trimmings cut for time or detail.

Fans of the series will enjoy not only the drama of this season, but also the bonus features that really do add to the interactive mystery of the show.

"Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Season Four"

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