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Teen Wolf - Season 3 Part 2

by JC Alvarez
Friday Jul 4, 2014
Teen Wolf - Season 3 Part 2

Major revelations and plot twists abound in Teen Wolf: Season 3 (Part 2)! Now that he's an Alpha (read: Leader of the pack) Scott (Tyler Posey) learns that with great power, comes great responsibility -- but that's a whole other superhero's journey. That doesn't mean that things aren't getting any easier for our supernatural teens still battling baddies and bullies.

After enduring a spiritual journey last season that temporarily killed them, the power within Beacon Hills has returned and our team must survive some double dealing, and a new ally that may hold some secrets all of her own.

The second half of Season 3 starts off with Scott, Stiles and Allison getting a grip on reality as their apparent return from near-death comes with some consequences. The three can't differentiate between real-life and hallucinations that plague them, and that's only the beginning of their trials. Derek is still being held captive and tortured, while Scott begins to assert his place as a True Alpha, and Allison's fate is decided in a pivotal plot line that introduces a new threat into the mix.

Some will live, and others will die, but this is by far the most incredible season yet of the hit teen supernatural adventure that only keeps setting the bar higher and higher. The 3-disc set features all 12 episodes completing the high-stakes Season 3 of the series, and comes with a bonus look at the stars and their fans. "Following the Pack" brings the viewer up close and personal to the young stars of this hot series, that is already getting very high marks for its new season.

The Season 3 (Part 2) package also has exclusive fan art available for a limited time only.

"Teen Wolf: Season 3 (Part 2)" is available on DVD for $24.99.

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