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’AHS:Coven’ :: Who Will Be The Next Supreme?

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

Today the question on the mind of "American Horror Story: Coven" fans is, "Who will be the next Supreme?"

The current Supreme -- Jessica Lange -- was brutally murdered last week and her body fed to the swamp alligators. But as anyone that watches this show knows, no one -- even the disembodied and digested -- stays dead for long. Will the ironically-named Fiona Goode return from the dead? We will have to wait until 10 pm (EST) tonight to find out.

Meanwhile, make your pick on Facebook or leave comments below as to just who will be heading the coven. The contestants are:

Taissa Farmiga as Zoe Benson

The wimpiest of the group. It took weeks and weeks for her to embrace her powers. Only two weeks ago did she realize that she had the powers that would put her in the running to become the next Supreme. Will they be enough? And was the fact that she was the main character at the onset make her a favorite? She was also the only character to maintain a romantic relationship throughout the season -- okay, it was with a guy that was stitched back together after his untimely death, but nobody’s perfect.

Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery

If self-absorption were the leading criteria for the next Supreme, Roberts would already have the honor. A Hollywood star who turned out to be a witch, Montgomery puts the mean in ’mean girls.’ Whether being nasty will put her over the top remains to be seen. Will she follow Fiona’s soulless footsteps?

Gabourey Sidibe as Queenie

Thought to be dead a few weeks ago, Sidibe returned (with Kathy Bates in tow) last week right in time for the Seven Wonders (the contest to determine the next Supreme.) Sidibe will never win any acting honors for her performance as the only black member of the coven, but she might just be the next Supreme. Her powers may have evolved, too bad her acting didn’t.

Lily Rabe as Misty Day

The Stevie Nicks-obsessed backwater witch may be the most intriguing contestant. With her abilities to bring back the dead, she already has a heads-up on the her rivals. But will the beautiful Rabe weather the test? If so, let’s hope she sends Stevie Nicks to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and off the show. (Nicks is in the finale.)

Sarah Paulson as Cordelia Foxx

As the daughter of the current (and recently deceased) Supreme Fiona Goode, it might appear that Paulson would be the favorite. Her complicated relationship with Fiona will likely play into her chances, and there has long been the question as to whether she meets the criteria to be the Supreme. Though she has the spunk -- didn’t she blind herself to gain the insight necessary to save the coven? And what if she’s in cahoots with Fiona?

Jamie Brewer as Nan

The wild card. Wasn’t she officially labeled dead a few weeks ago and went over to the other side accompanied by the evil spirit Papa Legba? Yes, but on this show, anything can happen; so, like Fiona, there’s the outside chance that Nan -- the most clairvoyant of the group -- may find her way back into the world of the living and give the other contestants a run for the coveted honor. If she does come back, Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett) had better be concerned: didn’t Fiona and her drown Nan?


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