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Two And A Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season

by Jim Halterman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Sep 10, 2011
Two And A Half Men: The Complete Eighth Season

By now we all know about actor Charlie Sheen's very public meltdown earlier this year and his departure (AKA he got fired) from the CBS sitcom "Two And A Half Men." The show will go on (Ashton Kutcher debuts on the season premiere, September 19th) and, while it remains to be seen what crash course Sheen will continue to take, his final season on the show (the 8th of the series) is now out on DVD.

There are only 16 episodes to the season due to Sheen's walking off the show but that doesn't mean fans of the show should give up on the Chuck Lorre-created sitcom. The same elements that made the show a hit originally - Sheen plays irresponsible, horn-dog Charlie, Jon Cryer plays repressed, hapless Alan and the half man is getting pretty tall as teen Jake (Angus T. Jones) is dating and finding his way without the best of role models - are all still intact.

Alan, however, shacks up for a time with girlfriend Lyndsey (Courtney Thorne-Smith, who will return in the new season) but it isn't long before everyone is back together. Guest stars are always fun on the show and season eight boasts Judd Nelson, Jane Lynch, Jenny McCarthy, Carl Reiner and Martin Mull. And, of course, there's the fabulous supporting cast of the always hilarious Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell.

The DVD release is light on extras but for true fans of the show, this one is a must-have as we wait to see if Kutcher can keep the series moving forward. (I'm not worried)


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  • , 2011-09-10 19:04:38

    The new show will fail. Never be the same without Charlie. I certainly won’t watch the new version. Charlie made the show. Shame on you for letting him go. Will continue to watch re runs will Charlie.

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