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Forever Young

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Apr 5, 2013
Cast of "Forever Young"
Cast of "Forever Young"  (Source:TV Land)

There are so many TV trends going around and around today from bigger, to smaller, to niche, to Amazon. But there are two very distinct trends in television that seem to be dominating. The first is actors, of serious clout, are retreating to television away from Hollywood blockbusters and people like Helen Mirren and Jessica Lange are now no longer only on the silver screen. Then there are these desperate scrambles to produce content, to push ideas that may or not have been tested with TV zombies (this definitely includes making B-grade celebrities dive off platforms) and to ride the "reality" wave that Kim and the K's ruined for everyone. "Forever Young," with its six episodes of cross-century social experimenting, snuggles with the latter naturally.

From the mouths of Ashton Kutcher (think "Punk'd") and Jason Goldberg comes a this-is-not-reality show where some of the actors are young, others are young and the idea is to see the conflict that may arise. That must have been the full premise of the show's creative concept. Mostly uninteresting, situational funny but staged of course, the characters are all stereotypes, or even caricatures, of themselves. The ideas of go-karting, an older woman wearing only a thong and telling everyone, food fighting, the obvious computer vs. typewriter conversations, and let's not forget "age is just a number" debate, all feel as trite as much as the actors look like they are having the time of their lives, opposed to "The Hills" where everyone is having a miserable time.

Mostly uninteresting, situationally funny but staged of course, the characters are all stereotypes, or even caricatures, of themselves.

Even with tender moments of wishing for a grandma, discussing old-age, reminiscing about the past or some golden oldies wanting to help a juvenile lost soul, the show cannot really capture anything more or less, than what reality shows have smeared over the last ten years.

"Forever Young"

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