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Dynasty - The Seventh Season

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Jul 22, 2013
Dynasty - The Seventh Season

I'm lovingly referred to as Alexis Colby by friends of mine.

Perhaps it's because of my wealth, power, and male prowess that I've been given the namesake of the character Joan Collins made famous on the '80s nighttime soap "Dynasty." I'm happy to report that Alexis continues to be the driving force behind "Dynasty: The Seventh Season", an otherwise redundant 2-disc set where the plots seem rehashed from earlier seasons.

When we last saw the overdressed Carrington's and Colby's, Alexis (Joan Collins) bought the Carrington mansion out from under Blake (the late John Forsyth), Claudia caused the La Mirage hotel to go up in flames, and Sammy Jo and Amanda were drowning each other in the hotel's pool.

Enter Season Seven: Blake and Krystle (Linda Evans) are forced into living at a hotel, Alexis takes over Denver Carrington, and Amanda looks slightly different and has lost her British accent. Oh wait, original Amanda actress Catherine Oxenberg was fired and the doe-eyed Karen Cellini was brought in as a replacement. She only lasts 13 episodes of this repetitive but still enjoyable seventh season of "Dynasty."

After disappearing for five seasons, the handsome chauffeur Michael (Wayne Northrop) returns in Season Seven to make life a living hell for Blake, while keeping his sights on the suddenly American Amanda.

The never-ending plotline of Alexis vs. Blake continues in this seventh season, growing ever tiresome. Luckily, Alexis and Krystle continue to lash out at each other in hilarious cat fights.

The bad news for longtime "Dynasty" fans: Once again there are no special features on this DVD set. This is more dramatic than the entire season being presented here.

"Dynasty: The Seventh Season"

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