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Damages - The Final Season

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jul 23, 2013
Damages - The Final Season

Is it really the end of Patty and Ellen? The ultimate feuding couple on television have been at each other's throats for years with no real ending. Let's not forget to add that they also happen to be female and oh-so-ruthless.

"Damages - The Complete Fifth Season" brings to home video the final season of one TV's real turnaround shows. When TV was down and out, "Damages" resuscitated it with some serious tongue. From lawyer talk to dirty talk, the show pushed the boundaries where they needed to be pushed in the legal television arena. No Ms. Nice Guy here: It's all been nails and stilettos.

When TV was down and out, "Damages" resuscitated it with some serious tongue.

For the final season, the question of whether Ellen will finally kick Patty's ass is, of course, first and foremost on loyal watchers' minds. And at the end, we find out just how dark and twisted the show really is -- psychologically speaking, of course. And with Ryan Philippe adding eye candy this season (with some shirtless scenes, naturally) the show does add a certain sweat to the summer.

The DVD includes a bonus video of how the writing process goes for a series like "Damages" and makes for some amazing viewing. There is also a bonus video featuring the fashion and style for Glenn Close's character -- an ice maiden at the top of the professional game needs a wardrobe to suit, of course. And it won't be floral dresses and pretty frilly tops.

"Damages The Final Season"

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