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The Walking Dead - The Complete Third Season

by JC Alvarez
Saturday Sep 7, 2013
The Walking Dead - The Complete Third Season

It's been called "fearless" and "gut-wrenching" ...and it has more to do with the intense dramatic arch of its characters than the countless hordes of the undead that are constantly on the hunt for our heroes. AMC's Original Series "The Walking Dead" took serialized television drama to new heights in its third season. Now that "The Complete Third Season" is available for your own private consumption at home, this 5-disc Blu-ray set is loaded with bonus features worth sinking your teeth into again and again.

Finding themselves again on the run after a swarm of zombies invaded their farm, the elements aren't the only things forcing the tiny group of survivors led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) from seeking more suitable shelter in a world plagued with the walking dead. Rick's wife Lori is close to giving birth to their baby, so they have no other alternative but to take the risk and commandeer an abandoned prison. If the resident inmates don't have their way with them, the danger lurking around every dark corner of the jailhouse will.

To add another level of tension, Andrea (with the help of the mysterious sword-welding Michonne; the fan-favorite finally is realized on the show) stumbles upon the denizens of the small town of Woodbury under the protection of "The Governor" (played by David Morrissey). What sinister secret is the Governor hiding within the walls of his utopia, and what threat from their past returns, pitting the two groups against one another and leading up to a must-see showdown that will certainly spell the end for some of our heroes? Andrea must decide which fate is worse.

"The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season" doesn't have to convince anyone it could well be the best show on television, but with a Blu-ray set full of exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at one of the biggest television phenomenons in recent TV history, there's more than enough -- all 16 episodes, audio commentaries from the show's creators, and deleted scenes -- to keep you running when "The Walking Dead" returns for Season 4 this fall. Whet your appetite with television's most ravenous guilty pleasure.

"The Walking Dead: The Complete Third Season"

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