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Supernatural - Season Eight

by JC Alvarez
Monday Sep 16, 2013
Supernatural - Season Eight

It's been a tough year for the Winchester Boys, but now that they're reunited Dean and Sam find themselves back on a case doing what they do best -- hunting for demons and monsters in "Supernatural" The Complete Eighth Season, now available on Blu-ray. Dean is battling some demons of his own. After spending a year in Purgatory, he's not exactly happy to learn that while he was away (and supposedly dead) Sam has gone on with his life and given up the "family business."

Now they must track down one of their charges, a prophet -- a man that might well be responsible for opening up the Gates of Hell and unleashing a whole new evil onto our plane of existence. If they are able to figure out this latest mystery, the brothers may have a good chance at a normal life, but now a battle for the souls of man has begun with their arch nemesis Mr. Crowley at the center of it all. The only thing that can protect the boys and save us all is finding and deciphering the "Word of God."

Irrevocably changed by his time spent in Purgatory, Dean is more than ever dedicated to eradicating evil, even if it means driving a wedge between him and Sam. Still one of the best shows in the genre, "Supernatural" pushes the boundaries of its mythology and is still engaging after so many years on the air. The 4-disc Blu-ray set doesn't disappoint, giving fans more than just the complete 23-episodes of the season.

The package comes with behind-the-scenes material, including a special look at the making of the "Found Footage" episode and producer's commentaries that reveal more of the action inside the thrilling and sinister world of "Supernatural." An additional featurette will give fans insight into the "real life" relics that have made their way into the show's mythology for Season 8.

"Supernatural" The Complete Eighth Season
available now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download for $69.99

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