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Homeland - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Saturday Oct 5, 2013
Homeland - The Complete Second Season

It's perhaps the most well received and critically acclaimed suspense thriller on television, and with "Homeland The Complete Second Season" now available on Blu-ray, there is no reason to not catch-up before the new season launches.

After the dramatic turn of events in season one, both former CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Emmy Award Winner Claire Danes) and Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Emmy Award Winner Damian Lewis) find their lives again intertwined, even as they both try to move on.

When suddenly they find themselves again engaged in a ring of suspicions and lies, a new terrorist threat reveals itself and pits these two, strong-willed forces of nature against one another. Even though a significant amount of time has passed (about six months), the continuing elevated civil unrest in the Middle East draws Carrie into the center of hostile territory. Nicholas is now moving into his role as a Congressman, but it isn't long before they find themselves at the center of a conspiracy that will have serious repercussions -- sealing their fates, and perhaps costing more than either could have imagined.

"Homeland" with its political intrigue and heart-stopping action is considered "must see" television. Once you jump on this runaway train it's impossible to get off!

The Blu-ray package has all 12 original episodes in stunning high-definition and takes the drama to a new level with exclusive story extensions previously not seen. The 3-disc set also comes with bonus content including a prologue for the much-anticipated upcoming Season 3, and on-set diary by the show's star Damian Lewis. Additional features include behind-the-scenes documentaries that reveal the secrets to the season finale and the elaborate process of taking the film crew to shoot in Israel.

"Homeland The Complete Second Season"
available now on 3-disc Blu-ray for $59.99

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