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How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season 8

by Christian Cintron
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Oct 10, 2013

"How I Met Your Mother" has managed to last over eight years and still keep audiences engaged, no pun intended. It's hard not to love every minute of this uniquely fun series. Season Eight, available on DVD, does the impossible: It introduces the titular mother and continues to bring some deeply heartfelt moments.

The DVD includes a decent amount of bonus features. Although, some die-hard fans still might find themselves still hungry for more HIMYM moments. The highlight is the gag reel. Neil Patrick Harris is insane behind the scenes. Despite being short, the gag reel has some uproarious and risqué moments including Harris having some fun with two balls.

The deleted scenes are pretty fun. Some of them are on the shorter side and some are jokes that might have been too hot for TV. There is also a really great set tour with Josh Radnor, "Where We Make Your Mother." It includes flashback scenes as they discuss important set moments.

...the gag reel has some uproarious and risqué moments including Harris having some fun with two balls.

There is only commentary on two episodes. "Farhampton" has commentary by the series creators, which is a little dry. However, "The Final Page" is a double episode and includes commentary by Cobie Smulders and Harris about an episode instrumental in the relationship of their characters. That's a nice bonus feature.

One episode heavily profiled is "P.S. I Love You." It features the return of Robin Sparkles and a ton of Canadian cameos including Alex Trebek, James van der Beek, Jason Priestly and Alan Thicke. The music video is included as well as a "making of" featurette. It includes interviews, footage of recording the song, and moments from filming the music video.

"How I Met Your Mother" is a fan favorite. The eighth season is pivotal for the series and has some great bonus features.

"How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Season Eight"
$ 39.99

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