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White Collar - The Complete Fourth Season

by JC Alvarez
Monday Oct 21, 2013
White Collar - The Complete Fourth Season

Eventually everything starts to lose its luster, but even as out, gay celebrity Matt Bomer's star continues to rise - major movie roles are falling on the actor's lap easier than twinks on a college night - the television series that made him an overnight sensation continues to pick up steam.

Now available on DVD, "White Collar The Complete Fourth Season" has all 16 episodes of the still-charming criminal mind of Neal Caffrey (Bomer) winning one new fan after another.

With the delicate working relationship between Neal and the FBI's agent Peter Burke (Tim Dekay) hanging by a thread - Neal's gone AWOL, has lost the tracking device that's kept him on a tight leash, and quite possibly returned to his thieving ways - an undercover agent (played by Treat Williams) may know more about Caffrey's mysterious background than even Neal has been letting on. In the end, it could be Peter that ends up getting burned in the process.

Ramping up the sexiness, Neal gets involved with a wealthy socialite, a rival thief, and even gets involved with a lady while he's on the run - a definite no-no when he's trying to keep a low profile. But it isn't long before he finds himself in the midst of a plot that could spell disaster for the FBI's "White Collar" division. What continues to spark interest in "White Collar" is the series' continual dedication to balancing good-natured humor and slick story-telling.

In a world of entertainment populated by overly-sexualized vampires, a virally-infected zombie wasteland, and a corruptly scandalous capital, Bomer and his cast keep things light and engaging. Though not particularly heavy on bonus features, the 4-disc DVD set comes loaded with some deleted scenes, commentary and a gag reel.

"White Collar - The Complete Fourth Season"
available on DVD for $39.99

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