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Samurai Jack: Season Four

by Aron Gold, Esq.
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 10, 2007
Samurai Jack: Season Four

After wrapping up Dexter's Lab and The Powerpuff Girls, the creators moved on to designing and animating Samurai Jack, the story of a samurai prince who rises up to defeat the powerful evil shapeshifter Aku in feudal Japan. Check out the final season of Samurai Jack, Season Four, now on DVD.

During their fateful confrontation, Aku sends Jack and his magical sword to the future, where Aku's rule is both evil and absolute.

While the earlier seasons attempted to familiarize Jack with his futuristic surroundings, this final season focuses more on Jack's continued travels through the stylized world of tomorrow. Each episode has its own cinematic appeal and style, which is what makes this season enthralling to watch.

Though it does not wrap up the story of Jack in a nice package, this two-disc set does have a couple special features to help complete your collection and give insight into what may be in store for the vengeful Samurai. Genndy's Roundtable focuses on the creator and his staff and how they were drawn to the Samurai Jack project. This feature I enjoyed and was long enough to give plenty of time for each creative person on the team. Genndy's New Projects is a featurette on the follow-up projects from the animation studio which was quite short, but at least showed what was going to be next from Genndy and his team. There are also deleted scenes and promos to help fill the void. Check out Season Four, now on DVD!

*Genndy’s Roundtable
*Genndy’s New Projects
*Deleted Scenes
*Samurai Jack Promos

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