Utah Legislature Returns for 2014 Session

by Michelle L. Price
Monday Jan 27, 2014

Utah lawmakers return to the state Capitol on Monday for their annual legislative session.

The Republican controlled-legislature has to pass a balanced budget and address about 500 bills that lawmakers are already working on.

One of the top issues for 2014 is expected to be air quality.

A bipartisan group of legislators planning more than a dozen bills to address Utah's smog, and thousands of protesters descended on the Capitol over the weekend to demand action from state officials.

Legislators are also expected to address gay marriage, tobacco use and campaign laws, in addition to perennial issues such as alcohol and guns.

The whirlwind, 45-day session ends March 13.

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  • Bob K, 2014-01-28 05:45:02

    They are fiddling with bills to keep "religious freedom" via the ridiculous concept of banning any laws forcing clergy to marry people and churches to be forced to hold weddings they do not want..... All of this is a distraction from the fact that Utah, a theocracy, wants to help the lds church keep its Gay children in a blanket of 2nd class or crippled status.

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