RSVP :: My Son Can’t Attend Your Kid’s Party Because I’m a Bigot

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Feb 13, 2014

A six-year-old's birthday party invitation was the medium of choice for the mother of a Long Island boy to exercise her First Amendment right of homophobic hate speech. The mother declined the invitation on her son's behalf because the party is being hosted by two gay fathers.

The fathers, from Baldwin, Long Island, were so incensed with an anti-gay RSVP to their daughter Sophia's upcoming seventh birthday party, that they sent local morning drive time personalities Steve and Leena from New York area radio station K-98.3 a photo of the reply.

It reads:

Tommy will NOT attend. I do not believe in what you do and will not subject my innocent son to your "lifestyle. I'm sorry Sophia has to grow up this way. If you have an issue or need to speak to me.

A photo of the invitation, which is published on Steve and Leena's Facebook page, came with the following post:

Steve & Leeana got this from a set of dads in Baldwin who were really upset over how one mom, Beth, chose to respond to their daughter's birthday party invite. Do you think she was right to write this? Would a simple phone call RSVP'ing "no" been better?

BTW: Beth gave us permission to post her phone number and said anyone who has a problem with what she wrote can call her, too!

The bigoted reply has been shared 1,420 times on Facebook and is drawing fire across the social media site. Some are calling the validity of the invitation into question.

One user writes:

it's not a real phone number... if you do reverse lookup it comes up unpublished or mobile. When I do reverse lookup on phones that I know are definite mobiles, they always come up mobile. I don't think this story is real or the phone number. Could it really happen yes! Does it happen most definitely!

Another skeptic wrote:

It's horrible to think people can't decline an invitation without being hateful. I hope this is fake, like the gay waitress fraud.

Whether the photo is real or not, the story has drawn a lot of ire against the alleged mother and sympathy for little Sophia, who has had numerous offers from Facebook users who own venues who are more than happy to host her party.

The published phone number can be seen here .


  • Wayne M., 2014-02-14 20:46:08

    Sophia is truly blessed to have two fathers who truly love her and care for her. She will grow up and know something about how to be a loving and caring human being. I feel sorry for Tommy, whose mother chooses to follow a lifestyle of bigotry and intolerance. I do hope he will grow up to be more loving and caring than his parent.

  • GAG'EM, 2014-02-14 23:53:27

    Isn’t great that Christians who are filled with Jesus’s love feel so free to express their hatred and bigotry of those whose lives they disapprove of? Which one of the Ten Commandments is it that says "Thou shalt hate anyone who isn’t just like thee"?

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