CPAC Crazy: Oliver North Says GOP Needs to Fight Gay Marriage Like Abolitionists Ended Slavery

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Mar 7, 2014

Remember Oliver North? The National Security council member under President Reagan who was forced to resign for his part in the illegal sale of arms to Iran? The same Oliver North who coerced his secretary to smuggle incriminating documents out of his office in her go-go boots. Yeah, that Oliver North. Well, ironically, he's got a thing or two to say about the morality of same-sex marriage.

There has been a lot of craziness during this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, but the latest eyebrow-raising remarks came from ultra conservative pundit and best-selling author Oliver North, who said Friday that the Republican Party must continue fighting gay marriage and abortion rights the same way abolitionists fought to end slavery, Right Wing Watch reports.

"Some say we must ignore social issues, like the definition of marriage, the sanctity of life, religious freedoms," North said. "I say those are not social issues, they are deeply moral and spiritual issues and they should be part of America's elections.

"In the 1850s a police party was born on the idea of a great moral issue: human bondage, the abolition of slavery in America," he continued. "If we as conservatives cease to be a place where people of faith and those who believe in strong moral values can come, we will cease to be a political force in America."

North, a former Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, made his comments after criticizing President Barack Obama for treating military members like "laboratory rats in some radical social experiment" and stop "apologizing," adding that America "has nothing ever to apologize for, not once" in its entire history.

Watch North's CPAC comments below:


  • Unbreakable1, 2014-03-07 19:56:49

    North is a f’ing idiot. America had a lot of s#^! To apologize for, such as slavery, denying women voting rights, Jim Crow laws. When will we put people like him out to pasture.

  • , 2014-03-10 15:56:35

    Yes, we should all listen to a convicted purgerer who has repeatedly said he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Traitor!!! No wonder the Fox folks love him so.

  • GAG'EM, 2014-03-11 14:02:16

    I think you mean "perjurer". Anyway, Ollie and his kind are brilliant in the obscene way that they pervert the concepts of freedom and civil fights. Does anyone have the slightest doubt which side they’d be on during the fight over slavery?

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