Gay Ex-Troop Leader Goes Against BSA, Continues to Lead Troop

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday Apr 8, 2014

Officials from the Boy Scouts of America announced earlier this month that they banned the first gay scout leader, Geoff McGrath of Seattle, citing their highly controversial policy, which prohibits out troop leaders from the organization. But as Seattle's NBC-affiliate station KING 5 News reports, McGrath is still leading his troop.

Though McGrath's membership has been revoked, which he learned in a profile piece published by NBC News, he's sill leading Boy Scout Troop 98.

"I have not tended my resignation," McGrath told KING 5. "Until I am relieved of my duty properly, I stand in my post."

BSA officials say they booted McGrath not because he's gay but for "deliberately injecting" his sexuality into scouting.

"It's very disappointing that a policy that is so blatantly discriminatory is being acted out, and so I think it makes us stand more firm and be more clear that Geoffrey is our Scoutmaster and Geoffrey will remain our Scoutmaster," Pastor Monica Corsaro, who lead the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church where Troop 98 holds meetings, told the news station.

Corsaro added the BSA has yet to contact her about McGrath.

"In my humble opinion, I don't feel like I've been communicated to by the Boy Scouts of America, Geoffrey also received an email which I was copied on but I have received no direct communication from the Boy Scouts of America," she said.

McGrath said officials from the BSA sent him an email and called him, but he still held a meeting with his scouts last Thursday. He also told the news station two more scouts joined the troop.

McGrath says he won't be resigning his position anytime soon. He said he won't step down until he is relieved by his charter organization -- the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church.


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    Good for him not allowing himself to be bullied!

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