Pre-Loaded Gay Porn in Super Store DVD Player Has British Mum ’Frozen’ with Anger

Friday Apr 11, 2014

A DVD player bought at a British supermarket that apparently came pre-loaded with gay porn has a mother of twin girls frozen with anger and she won't let it go.

The Daily Record UK reports that nine-year-old twins Charlotte and Madeline Scammell bought a DVD player at British big-box store, Asda with birthday money so they could watch the newly released DVD of Disney's Academy Award-winning animated film "Frozen."

The pair got their new player home and tried to load the animated film into the machine only to find that apparently it came pre-loaded with a hard core gay porn film.

"Mum, what's this?" the girls asked their mother as they held a disc embossed with the image of men having sex with each other.

Furious, mother Gillian Scammell immediately called Asda.

"I rang Asda straight away and spoke to a manager but he wasn't apologetic in the slightest. He just told me to bring the DVD player back and they'd swap it." She said.

A spokesman for the British superstore chain said "this is an isolated incident but one which we are taking very seriously. We apologize to Mrs. Scammell and for any upset this may have caused."

The twins each received a £20 ($33 USD) gift card from Asda.

"I'm just thankful the girls didn't press play." Scammell said.


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