Out Director Bryan Singer Denies Allegation of Raping Teen

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Apr 18, 2014

Bryan Singer, the openly gay director of the "X-Men" films, denies allegations made in a lawsuit that he raped a 17-year-old boy and forced him to do drugs in 1999, Pink News reports.

Singer is accused of forcing Michael Egan III, who was an aspiring actor, into having sex with him at parties in California and Hawaii in the late '90s when Egan was 17, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Hawaii.

Attorney Marty Singer said the suit is "absurd and defamatory."

"We are very confident that Bryan will be vindicated," Marty Singer said, according to Pink News. "It is obvious that this case was filed in an attempt to get publicity at the time when Bryan's new movie is about to open in a few weeks."

Bryan Singer, 48, is the director of the upcoming "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

According to the suit documents, the director "manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries."

The lawsuit goes on to say: "Defendant Singer did so as part of a group of adult males similarly positioned in the entertainment industry that maintained and exploited boys in a sordid sex ring. A Hollywood mogul must not use his position to sexually exploit underage actors."

Egan is seeking more than $75,000 in damages for the four charges, including battery, assault, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Though Singer denies the allegations, Gawker reports a different story.

A man named Marc Collins-Rector, who is now a registered sex offender after he was convicted of luring minors across state lines, allegedly introduced Egan to the director. Egan says Collins-Rector searched for young teens for a sex ring catering to older powerful gay men in Hollywood.

Gawker's report cites Dlisted's Michael K., who writes about Singer's alleged interest in young men:

I first heard about Bryan Singer's "infamous" coke and twink pool parties when I was 18 and was at some party in Orange County that a bunch of dancers from Disneyland were at. One of the twink dancers bragged to me and my friends about how the weekend before he was at a party in L.A. that the director of 'Usual Suspects' was at and the white twinks, coke and meth were falling from the sky. The twink dancer said that Bryan Singer and his fancy Hollywood friends always throw parties like that and when I asked him to take me to the next one, bitch said, "Uh, you're not white, skinny and cute enough, though."

Gawker then points to photos Queerty published in 2009 of a post-gay pride pool party at openly gay director Roland Emmerich's house, which was co-hosted by Singer. Queerty writes that there were no photos of the "after-after party (which generally has a clothing-optional policy) nor do we have pictures from what happened when Roland and Bryan took a few select young men into the house for private casting sessions."

Gawker also post an anonymous 2012 post on IMDB that claims Singer "goes through different boys each week. He promises them big movie roles and then just drops them."

"Bryan also certifiably has a thing for young twins. A pair live in his house and I have more pics of him with some other twins...," the post reads.

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