Former Twincest Porn Star Opens Up About Crimes

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Tuesday May 13, 2014

A former gay porn star, who did twincest scenes, is speaking about his criminal past that landed him in jail for six years after his brother and former co-star ratted him out.

In an lengthy interview with the Philly Daily News, Taleon Goffney says he does not harbor any ill feelings towards his twin bro Keyontyli who turned states evidence against him. He hopes to start a new life after serving time in prison for burglaries and other crimes.

The Goffney brothers, are originally from Camden, New Jersey. Keyontyli had a semi-successful legitimate modeling career that included work on advertising campaigns for Bulldog Gin and Nike, before going into the gay porn industry doing films for in 2004. A year after Keyontyli made his porn debut, his twin straight twin brother, Taleon joined the business. The two would go on to appear in numerous films including "Marc and the Twins" and "Black Hook Ups."

The life of porn turned into a life of crime for the brothers, who committed a string of burglaries by cutting holes in the roofs of businesses to gain access. They were arrested after breaking into a Philadelphia beauty salon in 2008 by a tri-state Rooftop Burglary Task Force, which was created specifically to catch them.

According to the authorities, Keyontyli told them that he and their mother, Towana Goffney, were lookouts while Taelon committed the burglaries. The chargers against the twins' mother were later dropped, however.

Keyontyli was sentenced to two days in jail and four years probation while his brother, who had a lengthy criminal record, was sentenced to four to eight years in prison, and served six in 2009.

Still, Taelon says he isn't mad at his brother.

"He was just scared and trying to give them everything he can," Taleon told the newspaper. "I understand now. He was never a street guy, just like I was never a gay guy."

Taleon, who identifies as straight, was having trouble looking for a job when his brother, who is gay, convinced him to do gay porn.

"We get to Vegas and the next morning they make a sexual proposition, 'We need you guys to masturbate in front of the camera,' " Taleon told the Philadelphia Daily News. "We went into the bathroom and argued for like 10 minutes. Keyon's like, 'Look, man, I need this money and you need it, too. Nobody's going to see it,' And I went through with it."

Taelon, now 32, was released from prison last month and tells the Daily News he is "trying to do the right thing now."

"As a man, porn hurt me, but as a person, the crime hurt me," Taleon told the Daily News. "A lot of people had to suffer for me to get paid. I'm using my powers towards good now. I'm seeking redemption."


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