Hot Springs, Ark., Approves LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

NEWS | May 6
The Hot Springs Board of Directors has passed an ordinance that would prohibit the city and its vendors from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Neb. Woman Sues All Homosexuals in Federal Court on Behalf of God

NEWS | By EDGE | May 6
A Nebraska woman is looking to have her day in court, but will the courtroom be able to accommodate all of the defendants?

Firefighters Called to Put Out Blaze in Fire Island Pines

NEWS | By EDGE | May 6
The greatest fear common to all Fire Island homeowners became a frightening reality Tuesday.

Gay Leaders Happy Even With SC Anti-Discrimination Bill Failing

NEWS | By Jeffrey Collins | May 6
Even after an anti-discrimination bill was pulled off the floor of the South Carolina House, supporters of gay rights are pleased that this has been a surprisingly quiet Legislative session for them.

Scientific Study: Beatles, Stones Eclipsed by Hip-Hop Impact

NEWS | By Gregory Katz | May 6
The impact of hip-hop's arrival on the pop music scene eclipsed that of the Beatles-led British invasion of 1964, a computer analysis of 17,000 songs has found.

Latest GOP Campaigns for White House Star Hillary Clinton

NEWS | By Bill Barrow and Steve Peoples | May 6
Hillary Rodham Clinton starred in two presidential campaign launches this week. Neither was her own.

Woman Seeks Rescue From Boyfriend in Online Pizza Order

NEWS | May 6
A central Florida woman helped save herself and her children by sending a message in an online pizza order that asked employees to call 911 because she was being held hostage.

NFL Linebacker Due in Court to Face 'Revenge Porn' Charges

NEWS | May 6
An NFL linebacker facing charges over "revenge porn" is scheduled to appear in a New Jersey courtroom Wednesday morning for a plea conference.

Australian Leader Brushes Off Snub to Diplomat's Gay Partner

NEWS | By Rod McGuirk | May 6
Australia's prime minister on Wednesday brushed off controversy over his office's treatment of the gay partner of the Australian ambassador to France.

Hawaii Bill for Birth Certificate Gender Change Passes

NEWS | By Cathy Bussewitz | May 6
The Hawaii Legislature passed a bill that could make it a lot easier for transgender people to change their gender on their birth certificates, joining a growing number of states to make the change.


AP Interview: Uganda's President Says He's the One Bullied

INTERNATIONAL | By Cara Anna | May 6
There is so much freedom in Uganda that it's nearly anarchy, the country's president joked, stepping carefully around what's an open secret back home: Yoweri Museveni will run for yet another term next year, and surely he will win.


Blu-ray/DVD Review :: The Last Five Years

MOVIES | By Michael Cox | May 6
Jason Robert Brown's famous experimental musical "The Last Five Years," where a couple sings through their five-year relationship in opposing chronological order, comes to live with the talented Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.


Head Games: Virtual Reality Could Improve Brain Surgery

Virtual reality is about to enter the operating room. The breakthrough technology is being introduced at a gathering of neurosurgeons in Washington, D.C. Kara Finnstrom gets a sneak preview from the inventors in Southern California.


Uber Delivers: Going Beyond Just Offering Rides

Uber is rolling out a new service that allows drivers to transport packages and deliver food. CNET's Jeff Bakalar provides details.


Milan Expo Seeks to Feed the Planet

Milan's Expo 2015 world's fair has heady ambitions, the biggest of which is to devise a plan to feed the planet as it brings together 145 nations to focus on food and nutrition.


Visit Charleston: Not Just Homes and Gardens

May 5
While Charleston's historic district with its almost 5,000 historic structures is still the main draw, visitors are also attracted to world-class dining and shopping and an array of festivals


Aiden Leslie: 'I Just Go' With It

MUSIC | By JC Alvarez | May 1
Pop artist Aiden Leslie returns with a surprisingly fresh downtempo tack "I Just Go" that reveals more and delves deeper than he's ever done with previous electronic symphonies.