Drunk Hotel Guest in Ireland Fined for ’Gay Afghan Slaves’ Remarks

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Friday Jun 6, 2014

A guest who stayed at the Ibis Hotel in central Belfast, Ireland, last month has been hit with a fine after going off on a drunken rant, calling staff "gay Afghan slaves," the newspaper the Irish Mirror reports.

David Ian Conley, 35, was ordered to pay £350 ($587 USD) for his offensive rant while he stayed at the hotel after pleading guilty to a charge of disorderly behavior.

The police were called early May 12 and Conley was arrested.

Two staff members of the Ibis Hotel say Conley verbally assaulted them for 20-minutes, hurling swears at them, including the c-word. He also allegedly said, "These two are just gay Afghan slaves and they are not happy as I have just outed them to the world," a Belfast Magistrates' Court heard.

Officers reportedly told Conley during the incident to watch his language and behavior but he did not listen to their advice. A lawyer told the court his next outbursts were "not worthy of anything more than barmen."

Conley then said he did nothing wrong, saying his behavior was not disorderedly.

"I'm an educated person, I went to a fucking grammar school. I know how to philosophies," the court was told he said.

According to a defense solicitor, Conley had been drinking and started bickering with staff when he went to bed.

"He apologized for his behavior," the lawyer told the court.

Slapping Conley with the fine, District Judge Fiona Bagnall said: "He's past the age for behaving in this way. People are only trying to do their job."


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