Tony Perkins Warns Support of Gay Rights by 'Liberal Jewish Folk' Hurts Israel

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Jul 10, 2014

Tony Perkins "loves the Jewish people," just not the ones who don't vote like him.

Anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins once again tested the waters of "backdoor anti-semitism" last month when during an address to the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, he took aim at what he called "liberal Jewish folk" who are pro choice and support marriage equality, warning that it will jeopardize America's support for Israel, Right Wing Watch reports.

"Let me state the obvious about those who care about America's support for Israel," Perkins said. "There are many liberal Jewish folk who tolerate evangelical support for Israel but they can't stomach our views on the sanctity of life and human sexuality."

After equating his love for the Jewish people with his struggle to fight against LGBT and reproductive rights, Perkins then criticized the Presbyterian Church (USA) recent sanctioning of same-sex marriage and divestment of American corporations doing business in the West Bank.

"When you depart from basic scripture on basic morality because it it is not culturally popular," Perkins warned before fear-mongering. "It won't be long before you abandon your support for the embattled state of Israel."

Like most evangelicals, Perkins' love affair with the Jewish people is hardly reciprocated. Last month, theJewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) denounced the hate group leader for equating Christians making cakes for gay weddings with the Holocaust.

"There is no comparison between contemporary American political issues and the actions of Hitler's regime during the Holocaust," said ADL's National Director, Abraham H. Foxman. "Such inappropriate analogies only serve to trivialize the Holocaust and are deeply offensive to Jews and other survivors, as well as those Americans who fought valiantly against the Nazis in World War II."

In 2013, he again fear mongered by playing the "Israel card" against Jewish support of the Democratic Party.

"Democratic senators who are mostly aligned with a lot of the Jewish lobby here in Washington and around the nation, enjoy the money coming from the Jewish community," Perkins said. "The Jewish community tends to be liberal, not all, but a lot of it is, and it supports Democratic candidates. But yet the Democratic Party works against the benefit of Israel in many ways."


  • patroy, 2014-07-11 08:33:52

    Will these idiots ever get it through their heads? It’s not LGBT rights that are destroying this world, it’s their hypocritical religious hatred!!!

  • GAG'EM, 2014-07-13 01:17:55

    I would appreciate a lot less love from Jew-loving Tony Perkins.

  • Wayne M., 2014-07-14 21:26:50

    As per usual, Perkins is failing to match cause and effect. What is hurting Israel at this time is its assault on the basic human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people. It is notable that progressive Jewish people are also opposed to the actions of Netanyahu at this time. As for "Gag’em", whoever or whatever you are: You need to realize that your verbal diarrhea is offensive and as discriminatory as the BS emanating from people such as Perkins.

  • GAG'EM, 2014-07-14 22:57:50

    Hey Wayne, you self-important piece of crap: It’s charming the way you manage to defend the human rights and dignity of the Palestinian people at the same time as you spew a disgusting bit of character assassination against my dignity and right to express my opinion; for what reason I have no idea. Perhaps you don’t respect the basic human rights and dignity of Jewish people as well as that of Palestinians, which makes you...what? oh! the lowest form of human garbage...a hypocrite.

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