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BeBe Sweetbriar’s FAME :: DJ Derek Monteiro -- Beats, birthdays and Pornstar

by BeBe Sweetbriar
Friday Jan 7, 2011

It doesn’t hurt to be charming, witty, great looking and have a great ear for dance music the crowd loves when you want to spin music. DJ Derek Monteiro possesses these qualities that he has put to practice over the past decade at some of the best nightclubs and venues in the country.

Originally from East Coast (Boston), Monteiro moved to California 9 years ago on his 20th birthday to plant his roots and start his music/dance career in Los Angeles. In West Hollywood he’s been a resident DJ at both the Abbey and Mickey’s, and played as well at Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party. Recently Derek spun music at the annual Halloween bash at the famed Playboy Mansion.

It is also no wonder that a man with such rhythm and sexy good looks has been a back-up dancer for pop-dance queens such as Britney Spears and Billboard’s #1 Dance Chart goddess Erika Jayne. I caught Derek at home between gigs and before his trip up to San Francisco to spin at Andre Shannon’s Pornstar party on January 22nd. Here’s what the 29-year old Monteiro, on the verge of international stardom, had to say.

Boston boy

BB: Now, you are based out of Los Angeles but you are an East coast boy, correct?

Derek: Yes, I grew up in Boston and got here on my 20th birthday. In a couple of weeks is my birthday, January 14th, and it will be 9 years I’ve lived in L.A.

BB: Wow. Quite a cultural difference, right?

Derek: Oh my God! I was born in Boston but I actually grew up outside of the city about 45 miles in a little town with about 15,000-20,000 people or somewhere around there. And you know the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, that’s my family. (Laughing) There’s not one fucking difference between that movie and my family except for the fact that they are Greek and I’m Portuguese. That would be growing up, so coming here to L.A. I was just like I just wanted to be me... be gay, be happy and do whatever the fuck I wanted to do. It was completely different, but I absolutely loved it.

Searching for boobies

BB: But you don’t miss the snow do you?

Derek: Nooooo! I don’t mind a nice visit every now and again, but every time I leave to come back, I’m so happy. I almost feel bad because I’m so happy to get back.

BB: I would have hated to have grown up back there and have had to shovel that stuff (snow). No way! So, did you start your DJ career when you moved to L.A.? And what got you started being a DJ?

Derek: I actually started back on the East Coast. I wasn’t like working at all, even when I first moved out here, I had never booked a job DJing yet. It was just something that back home I got into after hanging out with my brother’s friends. They all used to go to raves all over the East Coast every weekend. I would go to different parties and see like major DJs, and I just fell in love with House music because of my older friends.

We would go every weekend and drive to D.C. -- that’s as far south as we went -- and as far up to Maine and every state in between and heard some amazing DJs and fell in love with it. My friends were DJs so I would spend time with them playing, watch turntables, and started going record shopping with them and literally plopped myself in my bedroom. Then I moved out here (California) with all my stuff and pursued DJing. Rage (West Hollywood nightclub) ended up hiring me in the backroom and it has kind of flourished since.

BB: What would you say are some of the exciting places being a professional DJ you’ve been?

Derek: One the exciting places was the Playboy Mansion. I played the Halloween party there last year. And I don’t even like boobies, but for some reason when I walked into the Playboy Mansion, I liked boobies all of a sudden. That whole aura...t hat’s kind of a joke... the vibe, I mean, it’s the Playboy Mansion. That was probably one of the coolest things.

BB: Did you see Hugh Hefner?

Derek: I didn’t see him. I was working half the time, and then I was running around...

BB: Searching for boobies, no doubt).

Derek: (Laughing) I didn’t see him, just a bunch of random people. I think they have a couple of Halloween parties, so I don’t know if that was the major, major one. But so many people were in costume you really couldn’t tell who was who.


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