Once Upon A Time - The Complete Second Season

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Aug 20, 2013
Once Upon A Time - The Complete Second Season

Mirror mirror on the wall... Things aren't so grim anymore for the denizens of Storybrooke when "Once Upon a Time" The Complete Second Season opens. But as everyone knows...not all bedtime stories come with happy endings. Although the enchanted spell that had kept everyone in the small town from remembering his or her true nature is now broken, Emma Swan's reunion with her parents Snow White and Prince Charming, is short lived when the Evil Queen Regina accidentally exiles the reunited mother and daughter to another dimension. Now Prince Charming must prevent the townspeople from losing their faith, while Regina deals with Rumplestiltskin selfish plans.

"Once Upon a Time" The Complete Second Season transports the audience into fictional world inside the pages of our favorite story books - with fabled heroes and princesses coming to life, and engaged in a battle between two realities. How could one family's sacrifice have doomed Fairy Tale Land, and most importantly - can anything be done to save what's left of the ruined kingdom from a terrible curse? Does true love conquer all?

Unknown to the Evil Queen she's sent Emma and Snow back to where it all began. In Season 2 more of the magical realm from where all of the citizens of Storybrooke originated is revealed, when Emma and Snow White are returned to Fairy Tale Land and discover that a rebellion is brewing. Now joined by other storybook characters, including Sleeping Beauty, Mulan and facing monstrous ogres, the two must work together if they're to return to their families.

The enchantment of this popular series is only more entertaining when fans explore the Blu-ray disc exclusive bonus features which reveal the textured family tree linking the characters in Fairy Tale Land. The cast of the hit show goes into detail to illustrate for the uninitiated all the backstory leading up to Season 2. An additional featurette is dedicated to this season's new villain, the devilishly dashing Captain Hook, played by Colin O'Donoghue, the series' new hottie. Sorry Prince Charming, but the leather pants are still in fashion.

"Once Upon a Time" The Complete Second Season is a delight. It's a good enough reason to stay up and pop in a Blu-ray, and put the book aside...at least to get caught up in time for Season 3.

"Once Upon a Time" The Complete Second Season
is available on Blu-ray with exclusive bonus features for $59.99

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