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Review :: Queerspawn in Love: A Memoir

By Noe Kamelamela | May 3
Failed romance here is presented in an epic format that spans years, continents and chasms of emotional connection.

Review :: You Are The One

By Christopher Verleger | May 3
In this intriguing short story collection from Scott Pomfret, gay men tackle issues with the church, the military, parenthood, promiscuity and illness.

Review :: Jane Two

By Brenna Smith | Apr 28
Billed as a coming-of-age story, "Jane Two" is actually more of a tragic romance told through the eyes of a boy as he develops into a man.

Review :: Drag Teen

By Noe Kamelamela | Apr 26
JT's special gifts don't make him a star of his town, but they are an obvious passion which is enough for his boyfriend Seth to sign him up for a teen drag pageant several states away.

Review :: Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep

By Bill Biss | Apr 26
"Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep." is worthy reading for anyone who has been spellbound by the unique gifts of acting delivered by Meryl Streep.

Review :: Barbie: The Icon

By Jim Piechota | Apr 21
For those folks with obsessive collections of their own or even readers with just a passing interest in Barbie, author and Italian art and fashion scholar Massimiliano Capella has produced "Barbie: The Icon."

Review :: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Original Topps Trading Card Series, Volume Two

By Kevin Taft | Apr 14
Abrams Comic Arts releases another beautiful collection of "Star Wars" Topps Trading Cards, this time focusing on the four sets of cards from "The Empire Strikes Back."

Review :: The Golden Condom

By Logan Quigley | Apr 6
"The Golden Condom," aptly subtitled "And Other Essays on Love Lost and Found," explores the pitfalls and trials of different types of love, dealing in turn with the love between romantic partners, friends, and even mentors and protégés.

Review :: Lust & Wonder

By Michael Cox | Mar 30
Inside the head of Augusten Burroughs is not a particularly pleasant place to reside. Yet this is the where you get to lodge for 304 paranoid, self-destructive, hyperbolic and catty pages if you read "Lust & Wonder."

Review :: Tom House: Tom Of Finland In Los Angeles

By Will Sanna | Mar 28
A fascinating look inside "the house that Tom built."

3 thru 12 of 2476 Stories