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Book Review :: No Place to Hide

By Phil Hall | May 21
Writer Glenn Greenwald meets NSA contractor Edward Snowden. What happens next changes the world.

Book Review :: Visions And Revisions

By Steve Weinstein | May 21
Part memoir, literary criticism, queer theory, memoir and polemic this hybrid about the AIDS epidemic in '80s New York ultimately doesn't come together as a book.

Book Review :: When We Were Animals

By Danielle Behrendt | May 18
Lumen's fall from the good girl grace that has made her so seductively enigmatic in the eyes of both boys is nothing like the more natural breaching carried out by everyone else.

Book Review :: James Merrill: Life And Art

By Bill Biss | May 18
Langdon Hammer has done a remarkable job of utilizing all of James Merrill's letters, personal papers, journals and writings to create this brilliant portrait of Merrill's life in rich detail.

Book Review :: Springtime Books in Brief

By Gregg Shapiro | May 17
So many books, such lovely weather. Here's a list of quick picks to help match up those two things.

Book Review :: Fourth Of July Creek

By Danielle Behrendt | May 13
A transparently deliberate debut novel about the desolate West in the 1980s that ends up offering much more artifice than art.

Book Review :: Masculine Beauty

By JC Alvarez | May 9
Perfection is overrated...or perhaps not. The glory of male perfection is captured in photographic art from famed photographer David Vance in his exploration of "Masculine Beauty" available now in a hardcover coffee table book.

Book Review :: All I Love And Know

By Christopher Verleger | May 9
The peaceful life of a young, suburban couple is disrupted when tragedy strikes and they are named the guardians of two young children in Judith Frank's poignant, profound novel.

Book Review :: Kim Kardashian Selfish

By Jason St. Amand | May 7
Kim Kardashian's new photo book "Selfish" is full of hundreds of selfies. On paper, the book sounds ridiculous, and fuel for the Kimmy K haters -- but the book reveals itself to be something much deeper than an Instagram account, and is actually moving.

Book Review :: My Body Is Yours

By Bill Biss | May 6
Learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and the openness to share personal, profound and intimate details of his life is at the heart of Michael V. Smith's memoir "My Body is Yours: A Memoir."

3 thru 12 of 2357 Stories