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Book Review :: A Buzz In The Meadow

By Daniel Scheffler | May 4
Set in rural France, a look at biodiversity with bees at the lens.

Book Review :: Beauty's Kingdom

By Kitty Drexel | May 2
This is the fourth book in Anne Rice's erotic, BDSM-heavy retelling of the "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale.

Book Review :: It's Not Over

By Kilian Melloy | Apr 28
Would a Supreme Court victory for marriage equality be the end of our civil rights journey? Or is marriage only one crucial piece in a much larger puzzle? Michelangelo Signorile thinks it's the latter case, and in his new book he makes a compelling case.

Book Review :: Untangling the Knot

By Jim Piechota | Apr 19
As the United States Supreme Court nears its pivotal decision on marriage equality, tensions are running high and opposition to a supportive outcome has reached ludicrous proportions. This book cuts through the noise.

Book Review :: Smash Cut

By Christopher Verleger | Apr 14
Model turned writer Brad Gooch pays tribute to his art and life with filmmaker Howard Brookner, circa the '70s and '80s, in this poignant memoir.

Book Review :: The American People Volume 1 - Search For My Heart

By Steve Weinstein | Apr 7
It's sad to report that, after 30 years of research and writing, this well-known AIDS activist's satirical gay take on U.S. history is a total disaster, a misshapen, unreadable hot mess.

Book Review :: Sixty Nine - Joyful Gay Sex Featuring Cockyboys

By JC Alvarez | Apr 6
That fantasy you've been indulging in comes to life in the photo narrative "Sixty Nine - Joyful Gay Sex," featuring the Cockyboys in all their glory. Colorfully cheeky and enthusiastically erotic.

Book Review :: Selfish, Shallow And Self-Absorbed

By Kitty Drexel | Apr 3
The writers of this compilation of essays reflect on lives lived without children. These are the stories, historical essays, and polemics luridly detailing their child-free existence.

Book Review :: We Regret to Inform You

By Christopher Verleger | Apr 2
A myriad of manly emotions are illustrated in this unique short story collection.

Book Review :: A Fighting Chance

By Kilian Melloy | Mar 31
Warren's book is a wake-up call that tells readers why we should be hopping mad, and who, precisely, the proper target is for that anger. Guess what: It's not the poor.

3 thru 12 of 2346 Stories