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Race Cooper :: Porn’s new superstar, just don’t call him a thug

by BeBe Sweetbriar
Thursday Jan 13, 2011

Well-spoken, intelligent, great body, handsome, man of color, and porn star are a few words that describe RaceCooper. Notice that porn star was the last descriptive used since there is so much more to the man than his video romps in the hay (literally) and his well endowed appendage.

The Canadian born Cooper, who holds a college degree in film, has quite the resume from his days in Toronto. From producing and directing a morning show and commercials to starring in his own travel show, Race has much experience behind and in from of the camera in the less provocative arena of television and film.

So why porn? Well, I got a chance to ask the ever in demand adult film star that question, as well as why black thug porn films are not his cup of tea (and more) when I caught up with him parking his car in a vacant lot (and that is not metaphor speak for fucking).

What he did for love

BB: I didn’t realize you were Canadian before doing this interview. What brought you from Canada to the States?

Race:: I moved for love!

BB: That’s always a risky thing to do.

Race:: It is a risky thing to do, but I had my head on straight. We did long distance for about a year-and-a-half before I moved down.

BB: You have quite the learned resume in film and photography don’t you?

Race:: I went to a university in Toronto majoring in image arts which was film, video and digital photography. And directly from that, actually before I even graduated, I started working for a major television station doing odd jobs behind the camera and slowly worked my way up shortly after graduation to be assistant director. Then a year after being there, moved up to story segment producer and director and moved from there to producing and directing commercials and music videos. I’ve also done some live television directing a morning news show.


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