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PopUps :: Gaga Supports Equality, Colbert Outs Sandy & Plutocrats Unite!

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Monday Nov 5, 2012

There's a lot going this week: Election Day is just around the corner but the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused this week is still making headlines around the nation. In this edition of PopUps we find out what Stephen Colbert had to say about Sandy, what issue Lady Gaga is pushing for in Maine and which character on "The Simpsons" has endorsed Mitt Romney.

Gaga: Approve Gay Marriage in Maine, Md., Wash., and Minn.

Four states will be voting on whether to legalize same-sex marriage on Nov. 6. Pop sensation Lady Gaga, who has been one of the LGBT community’s biggest supporters, is urging voters in those states to pass measures that would recognize marriage equality. In a new video for the four, Mother Monster asks voters in Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota to support gay marriage.

"I just wanted to remind those of you who live in Maine, Minnesota, Washington or Maryland that you can actually vote for marriage equality on the ballot this year," Gaga said in the video. She added that when voters are selecting who they want to see as president, they can also "click on a little box that says you support marriage equality."

The video is short but the message is direct. Watch the video below:

Stephen Colbert : A Bi-curioius Sandy?

After Stephen Colbert’s show "The Colbert Report" was put on hold due to Hurricane Sandy, the comedian lashed out at the storm on the next airing of his program, saying Sandy has a "gender-ambiguous agenda" that is trying to "make the federal government look necessary."

"Hurricanes have a well-known liberal bias," he said. "First, Katrina tainted George Bush’s presidency. Then Isaac whipped out the first day of the Republican National Convention."

He goes on to question the storm’s identity.

"Sandy? What kind of name is that? Are you a dude storm or a lady storm?" he asks and then calls the hurricane "a gender ambiguous weather system."

"I don’t mind you being a hemispheric scale meteorological event. But why must you be so flamboyant and in my face about it?" he asks while snapping his fingers in front of his face.

Watch the hilarious clip here.

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney...Excellent

It should come to no surprise that Montgomery Burns, the evil billionaire that practically runs and owns all of Springfield on "The Simpsons," will vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this week.

A YouTube video enraged on Friday that features Mr. Burns and his assistant Waylon Smithers, who’s sexuality has been questioned several times throughout the show’s 24 seasons, discussing the upcoming election. Although Smithers points out the different controversies that plagued the Republican Party this election season (the 47% tape and the empty chair come up) Mr. Burns says he will vote for Romney calling him a "Mormon mensch."

Watch the video below:


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