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Picasso Painting Proves Too Titillating for Local Fox News Censor

By EDGE | May 15
No one even remotely familiar with the work of seminal abstract artist Pablo Picasso would find the artist's cubist paintings to be in the slightest bit pornographic. Unless you work for Fox.

Interracial, Penises or Both: Why is One Sculpture Scaring 2 Museums?

By EDGE | May 14
Who knew that penises and Mark Twain's classic novel could continue to shock in the 21st century, especially in the art scene in the world's cultural capital?

Chris Burden, Who Pushed the Limits of Art, Dies at 69

By John Rogers | May 12
When Chris Burden stood in front of a camera and had a friend open fire on him with a rifle he was making a bold statement to the world: a new artist had arrived, one who was willing to push the limits of art as far as his imagination would take it.

Standing Tall: The Curious History of Men in Heels

By EDGE | May 12
Forget the Picasso and the Monet. Head instead to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada, for "Standing Tall: The Curious History of Men in Heels."

Picasso Painting Breaks Art Auction Record at $179M

May 11
Picasso's "Women of Algiers (Version O)" sold for $179 million on Monday night at Christie's auction house in New York City. The price includes the buyer's premium.

One Artist's Living Body of Work

May 5
Johannes Stoetter's images of models covered in vegetables and fruit, or painted to blend into their environments, are remarkable instances of camouflage as art. Elizabeth Palmer learns firsthand how it's done.

Giacometti Sculpture Poised to Set Auction Record

Apr 16
A rare life-size sculpture by Alberto Giacometti could set a record at auction next month where it's expected to bring around $130 million.

Monet Paintings Could Fetch Up to $110M at Auction

Apr 6
Six paintings by French impressionist painter Claude Monet are among the stars heading for New York City's spring art auctions that could realize between $78 million and $110 million, Sotheby's announced.

'The Art of the Mannequin' Exhibit Arrives in NYC

By Matthew Wexler | Mar 30
A room full of mannequins is the subject of a new museum exhibition in New York City. They're the creation of designer Ralph Pucci - who elevates these dummies to a sculptural art form.

Graffiti Boom Born in Tragedy Brightens Up Colombia Capital

By Jacobo Garcia | Mar 27
Bogota's proliferation of murals grew in part out of tragedy, when police shot and killed graffiti artist Diego Felipe Becerra in 2011 as he painted his trademark Felix the Cat. Bogota Mayor Gustavo Petro responded by decriminalizing graffiti painting.

1 thru 10 of 183 Stories