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Playing for Keeps

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Mar 5, 2013
Playing for Keeps

In the film "Playing For Keeps," now available on Blu-ray and DVD, Gerard Butler puts himself at the center of an all-star cast to prove he's more than just a fetching set of pecs and washboard abs. He's got layers...really.

Butler plays George, a down-on-his-luck former superstar soccer player, who is trying to do right by his son. George has aspirations of becoming a sportscast announcer, and if pesky creditors didn't constantly bother him, he'd finish that audition tape. While dodging his nosy landlord to spend time with his son, who is following in dad's footsteps playing Little League soccer, George learns that his ex (Jessica Biel) is preparing to wed her boyfriend - much to George's disappointment.

Finding himself between a rock and, well, the goal post, he steps up when his son's soccer team loses their coach. Looking at this as the perfect opportunity to bond with his somewhat estranged boy, George steps up for a winning shot and a hope at turning his misfortune around. The parents are also happy to have a star player leading the team, and it isn't long before the soccer moms, including Judy Greer, Uma Thurman and Academy Award Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, take notice of the new hunky coach on the field.

George's resolve is soon put the test when a big opportunity comes knocking, and he has to make the huge decision to rescue the relationship between father and son, and hopefully win back the love of his life; the moral here being that it's important to take life by the horns and "do something great"!

"Playing For Keeps" is at best a sweet, heart-warming date movie with few giddy moments and a shirtless shot (or two) of Butler in sweats, a towel and soccer shorts. That and the two "making of" bonus features will keep you charmed for a spell - then have you running to pop "300" in and catch the original Spartan in action!

"Playing For Keeps" starring Gerard Butler
Available on Blu-ray with digital download, and DVD for $19.99

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