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The Bay

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Mar 8, 2013
The Bay

The dreaded found-footage genre has been in full force since "The Blair Witch Project" became a smash. So many others have followed suit and "The Bay," a new horror/sci-fi flick, is another in what will probably be a never-ending trend.

No, "The Bay" is not a documentary about director Michael Bay. Rather, this repetitive and droning story deals with a small coastal town in Maryland where a parasitic outbreak occurs over 24 hours during a July 4th celebration. A young reporter reveals her filmed footage three years later to tell the truth about what really happened during the outbreak.

Acclaimed director Barry Levinson (who serves as producer and came up with the story) fills "The Bay" with Skype images, cell phone text messages, and all other modern-day technology features. This definitely gives the viewer a modern twist on an old-fashioned horror/sci-fi tale. At times, the technology footage is overwhelming.

"The Bay" had promise at the beginning, as its premise is somewhat unique. A couple of scary scenes, including a 911 call where the scenario is heard and not seen, add a little intrigue to the story. But as a whole, "The Bay" ends up as yet another tired found-footage film.

The DVD includes two small special features. One is an audio commentary with director Levinson. This is better than the making of feature "Into the Unknown: Barry Levinson on 'The Bay'." He basically reiterates what he already discusses in the audio commentary.

"The Bay"

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