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Mulan / Mulan 2

by David Foucher
EDGE Publisher
Monday Mar 18, 2013
Mulan / Mulan 2

"Mulan," for all its voice talents (Pat Morita, Harvey Fierstein, BD Wong and Eddie Murphy), never quite clicked with Disney's core audiences. It's a pleasant tale with some terrific animation - but it lacks a memorable storyline and characters, outside of Mushu, a clumsy dragon voiced by Murphy whose antics grow stale by the end of Act Two. The titular heroine is perhaps one of Disney's most endearing protagonists, and the song "Reflection" is fantastic - perhaps why Christina Aguilera covered it. But the film will lose the interest of adults even if kids find the humor enjoyable.

The transfer to Blu-ray serves the film well; Disney's watercolor palette shines in HD, and the 5.1 audio is (as always) well crafted by Disney's technicians. Fans of the film will also enjoy a number of extras: some deleted scenes are fun, and a number of featurettes will have Disney fans rapt. The commentary track is a bit less interesting than in some other Disney outings.

The less said about "Mulan II," which has been boxed with its predecessor, the better. Mulan is engaged to be married, and Mushu becomes jealous and gets even more annoying. It might entertain the kids for another hour, but it's not going to earn any style points.

Mulan/Mulan II

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