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by Brian Shaer
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday Mar 21, 2013

Ah, Francois Sagat. It's about time someone got inside that tattooed head of yours. Unfortunately, this pornumentary isn't quite gonna do it. I mean, how much can we learn about you in 40 minutes?

You know you're watching a movie about a porn star when there's a "money shot" in the first five seconds! The majority of Pascal Roche and Jerome M. Oliveira's "Sagat" consists of club scenes and talking head interviews from, among others, fellow porn stars Wilfried Knight and Dean Monroe (yum!), porn producer Chi Chi LaRue, and Titan Media director Brian Mills. These subjects speak to the mystique that is Sagat and how he is such a legend in the business for his frank sexual magnetism. Yet, what we never get is any real profound perception of Sagat, other than that he is a very smart, yet rather solitary figure, obsessed with his own image of hyper-masculinity and fervent in his belief that true love may be an unattainable goal. Sure, we get surface insights into the man: he chastises bareback porn, he was a puny, effeminate adolescent, he got into porn because he wanted to sleep with hot guys (who doesn't?). In fact, the most interesting and revealing part of the film was one of the bonus features, a kind of twenty random questions segment. That gave me more insight into the man than any of what came before.

If you’re looking to get involved with the man himself, you’d be better off buying one of his molded penises.

The actual film clocks in at about 40 minutes, while the bonus features run well over an hour. Most of these features are just shots of Sagat in various stages of undress, posing and preening in outlandish costumes or in front of projected backdrops. One of the features, interestingly, is a gallery of some of Sagat's artwork; the guy is an extremely talented artist (one of the few genuine revelations that this movie provides).

Look, if you're a fan of Sagat and love to look at him naked, then sure, this movie will fit the bill. But if you're looking to get involved with the man himself, you'd be better off buying one of his molded penises.

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