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Side Effects

by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 21, 2013
Side Effects

Steven Soderberg's alleged last big screen directorial effort, "Side Effects" is a throwback thriller with a clever script and some neato twists. The problem is that the twists come early so there aren't any surprises in the third act except how the reveals will play out. In that sense, it ends a bit ho-hum, but it's not a bad little mystery.

The film stars Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara as a couple dealing with depression, and the psychiatrist (Jude Law) who prescribes a new anti-depression drug that causes some problems. Mara is great, but she's in danger of becoming pigeon-holed as an actress who only plays bleak characters. Catherine Zeta-Jones as another therapist is good, but isn't given a heck of a lot to do but look smart because she wears super clear glasses.

The special features are a bit ridiculous for such a solemn film. The "behind the scenes" featurette is actually two minutes of hand-held shots filmed by Catherine Zeta-Jones with goofy narration that isn't meant to be taken seriously. The other few minutes of features include a fake ad for the drug Ablixa given to Mara's character, a fake website for the drug, and a feature where Law's psychiatrist asks you a few questions to see if you should be on the medication.

The film is relatively interesting, but with no worthwhile special features, it's more of a rental than a keeper.

"Side Effects"
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