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National Lampoon’s Vacation

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday May 21, 2013
National Lampoon’s Vacation

The Griswold family is back in high-definition! Yes, another Blu-ray edition of National Lampoon's Vacation is here. This 30th Anniversary Edition looks marvelous on Blu-ray, despite a few dated color scheme flaws. If you've never seen this 1983 comedy classic, now is the time.

Compared to today's comedies, "National Lampoon's Vacation" may be tame and dated. But it doesn't stop this R-rated raunchy comedy from being hysterical. Chevy Chase, who was on a roll with this movie, plays Clark Griswold. He has the inane idea to take his family (Beverly D'Angelo, Anthony Michael Hall, and Dana Barron) cross-country on a 2,460 mile trip to Wally World.

Along the way, they run into thieves, car trouble, their wacky cousins, and Christie Brinkley (who's billed as simply "The Girl in the Ferrari"). The late Imogene Coca shows up as Aunt Edna and (SPOILER ALERT) her death sequence is both shocking and hilarious. Appearing also is the late John Candy as a dorky Wally World security guard.

This movie spawned three sequels, the best being "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." Rumor has it that either a remake of this film is in the works or yet another sequel.

The selling point of this 30th Anniversary Edition is the brand spanking new documentary "Inside Story: National Lampoon's Vacation." This 85-minute featurette has interviews with most cast members. A holdover from both the DVD and previous Blu-ray edition is an audio commentary with cast members and producers. A trailer is also included but the long sought after alternate ending is unfortunately nowhere to be found in this edition.

"National Lampoon's Vacation"

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