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The Howling

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jun 18, 2013
The Howling

Shout Factory has done it again, this time releasing the werewolf horror classic "The Howling," which made a star out of a then unknown Dee Wallace ("E.T."). While it hasn't aged quite well and was outshined by the far superior "An American Werewolf in London" released the same year in 1981, "The Howling" is yet another great addition out of the cult classic vault from Shout.

Karen White (Wallace), a popular local reporter, tries to lure a serial killer (Robert Picardo) to his arrest. Since that incident, she's been psychologically scarred. Her therapist suggests she rest at a place called The Colony and after she arrives, strange occurrences begin and beasts are literally howling at the moon.

Her husband (the late Christopher Stone) is lured by the seductive town slut (Elisabeth Brooks), and when it becomes apparent that she's actually a werewolf, Karen has to fight for her life against the members of The Colony.

Yes, the plot is as ridiculous as it sounds...and it varies greatly from the actual novel "The Howling." This is discussed in this collector's edition special feature "Unleashing the Beast: The Making of the Howling." Other topics looked at in this multi-part documentary are the never-ending sequels, most having nothing to do with the original 1981 film.

Like other Shout Factory releases, "Horror's Hallowed Ground" is included, a look at the locations where "The Howling" was filmed. "Making of a Monster" is an examination of the then-groundbreaking werewolf transformation special effects.

The audio commentary with director Joe Dante and actors Wallace, Stone, and Picard is a holdover from a prior DVD release.

"The Howling"

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