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The ABCs of Death

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Thursday May 30, 2013
The ABCs of Death

File the new anthology horror movie "The ABCs of Death" under O for overambitious.

With such an impressive and unique concept of taking every letter of the alphabet and assigning it to a different death scenario, it's a shame that each short segment disappoints. Using 27 directors and keeping each vignette between five and ten minutes may be partly to blame. Such diverse styles make "The ABCs of Death" a disparate train wreck.

The tales range from intriguing ("A is for Apocalypse"), to mildly entertaining ("D is for Dogfight"), and to the downright juvenile and embarrassing ("F is for Fart"). The claymation story "T is for Toilet" looks the best visually and the one segment that succeeds over the others is by famed horror director Ti West, who directs the short and to the point "M is for Miscarriage."

"The ABCs of Death" isn't bad overall. At the end of each story, the word is revealed to the audience, and if viewed as an alphabetic guessing game (using alcoholic beverages helps), "The ABCs of Death" can be quite amusing. But the over 20 or so other chronicles form an incomplete whole.

Almost half of the sketches get their own behind the scenes, making of's, and deleted scenes as part of the DVD's special features. There are also numerous commentaries, as well as an overall documentary on how "The ABCs of Death" came to fruition.

"The ABCs of Death"

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