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Justin Bieber - Always Believing

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
Justin Bieber - Always Believing

Can a person actually feel his hair turning gray? Or are there words to describe the feeling of your brain losing important cognitive cells in a matter of just an hour and ten minutes? That's the unremarkable, high-slop gloss and wordy attributes of a PR machine out of control which markets a lethal dosage of best-buy and scrap plastic beavering into your brain called "Always Believing: Justin Bieber."

Just as the batteries are NOT included with this pop toy explosion, neither is there ANY music in this so-tired escapade. Hmmm... what is an "unauthorized" biography without his music? A blessing in disguise..., that's one positive note. This DVD slings hash after several other DVDs, stuffed animals, tour books and monkeys have come and gone. " 'J and B' and not me, no Sir-eeeee!"

Yet as all the world is a stage and what's good for the goose is good for the gander... there are several high-profile talents who expunge upon the big-break, the phenomenon and the fact that young American girls and quite a few boys-to-men simply love, love and really love this teen twister and blossoming soon-to-be "twenty-something."

Don't get the wrong impression. He's got talent, he's getting attitude... he needs to retreat, write and realize that he has a core-fan base just like Macauley Culkin once had back in the 1990s. But then again... if you don't know who is "Home Alone" now... doesn't it make sense that we need to leave it to "Bieber" to face his own challenges?

Justin Bieber: Always Believing
An Unauthorized Biography
DVD/Digital format


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