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Warm Bodies

by Louise Adams
Monday Jun 17, 2013
Warm Bodies

A corpse is a corpse, of course, of course, in "Warm Bodies," a zombie "Romeo and Juliet" based on Isaac Marion's novel.

"About A Boy's" Nicholas Hoult is all grown up and recently dead as "R" (that's all he can remember about his previous name and life), yet he feels a spark for Teresa Palmer's Julie after he eats the brain, and absorbs the memories, of her boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco). R is a slacker in a red hoodie, living in an abandoned jumbo jet, hoarding vinyl records, and sharing grunts with friend "M," a dead and deadpan Rob Corddry.

Always amazing John Malkovich is Julie's dad Grigio, the military leader of the remaining humans, who now lives in a fortified city to keep out the "corpses" and the scarier CG "boneys," skeleton killers who have lost their flesh along with their ability to empathize.

The pace is as slow as the zombies, but the premise is cute. The 100-minute film is set in the immediate present, as end-of-the-world non-events like Kim Kardashian's pregnancy are referenced, yet there's limited social reflection...just an "all you need is love," "why can't we just get along" vibe.

There's a slew of DVD features, including "Boy Meets, Er, Doesn't Eat Girl," "R&J," "A Little Less Dead," "Extreme Zombie Makeover!," "A Wreck in Progress," Bustin' Caps," "Beware the Boneys," "Whimsical Sweetness: Teresa Palmer's Home Movies," plus audio commentary, deleted scenes, and a shrug and groan gag reel.

"Warm Bodies"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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