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6 Souls

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jul 2, 2013
6 Souls

Julianne Moore is fast becoming the new scream queen with roles in the upcoming "Carrie" remake, and now in "6 Souls", a somewhat nifty little psychological horror flick. But fret not: Moore can still act her way out of a paper bag even in a B-movie.

"6 Souls", a direct-to-Blu-ray release, finds Moore playing Cara Harding, a forensic psychiatrist called in to investigate a man Adam (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who may have multiple personality disorder. Cara doesn't believe in the disorder and because of her husband's murder a few years back, her faith in God is shattered as well.

As Cara gets to know Adam, the movie's chilling scenes feature Meyers quickly turning into various personalities and somehow taking on their physical characteristics.

This is all explained in the movie's abrupt turnaround, with some muck about Meyers being a dead preacher who condemns and kills all those who are atheists. It takes away from the previous atmosphere created by directors Marlind & Stein, whose film couldn't get an American distributor.

Thank God "6 Souls" has Moore in it, as well as Meyers...his facial twitches alone will make you wince. Yet the film goes the cliché route in the last half hour and becomes a cat and mouse chase movie, as well as sinking to the beyond redundant twist ending.

No special features are to be found on this Anchor Bay release. "6 Souls" is worth a rental, but not the $30 the Blu-ray is selling for.

"6 Souls"

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