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Love Me Tender

by Ed Tapper
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Aug 4, 2013
Love Me Tender

Why did a routine, 1956, Richard Egan/ Debra Paget Western gross box office millions in its first few weeks of release? "Love Me Tender" marked the screen debut of the hottest singing star in show biz, Elvis Presley.

Appearing in the only supporting role of his career, Elvis nonetheless drew countless fans eager to watch him in action on the silver screen. And he handles himself capably, portraying a wide range of emotions as the hot-headed Clint Reno.

To insure the film's success, the producers wisely inserted a handful of comically anachronistic rock n' roll-inspired songs into the drama, which is set in the last days of the Civil War. Too young to be enlisted, Clint stays on the farm while his older brothers fight for the Confederacy, staging a daring holdup of Yankee government payroll. Discovering the war has ended, they decide to keep the loot. Presumed dead, Clint's older brother Vance (Egan) comes home to find his sweetheart (Paget) married to Clint. The tension mounts when the Feds show up to reclaim their money. A capable cast puts over this mediocre Western -- but the spotlight is clearly on newcomer Presley, who looks and sounds sensational.

"...the spotlight is clearly on newcomer Presley, who looks and sounds sensational."

Elvis fanatics have cause to celebrate over Fox's terrific, new Blu-ray edition of "Love Me Tender." The sumptuous black-and-white print has remarkable clarity and sharpness. Showcased in letterboxed format, the Cinemascope photography is impressive, as is the DTS-HD 5.1 soundtrack, which enhances Presley's crooning of the classic title song. Supplemental extras include entertaining featurettes on Elvis and his entrée into Hollywood.

Modestly priced, the "Love Me Tender" Blu-ray is an all-around winner!

Love Me Tender


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