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Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Sep 30, 2013
Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition

The quintessential horror film of the last 40 years has hit another milestone.

"Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition" gets a jump-start to the horror movie season with a new HD transfer supervised by original cinematographer Dean Cundey and over an hour of brand new special features.

The Boogeyman has never looked better in this new Blu-ray edition, and gives John Carpenter's tale of an escaped homicidal maniac on the loose on Halloween night the added depth and scares it deserves. The fictional Haddonfield, Illinois looks like it did in 1978: Ominous, mysterious, and ordinarily scary.

This simple tale of Michael Myers stalking babysitters is still balls-to-the-walls frightening. The Blu-ray here varies from the 2007 release... in that version, colors were extremely bright and vivid. This edition features more muted colors, harking back to how the film was originally presented on the big screen back in the '70s. It's a wise move on Cundey's part.

"Halloween," of course, made a star out of a then-unknown Jamie Lee Curtis, who brilliantly played frightened yet resourceful babysitter Laurie Strode. This 35th anniversary edition Blu-ray belongs to her.

"The Night She Came Home" is JLC's one-hour documentary of her return to the horror convention world when she attended Horror Hound in 2012. She graciously signs autographs and "Halloween" paraphernalia, and poses for photos with horror fans. She's a hoot to watch. Sean Clark is along for the ride, too.

John Carpenter and Jamie Lee do a brand-new audio commentary together. JLC overpowers her former director, giving an almost scene-by-scene analysis, while JC gives little anecdotes here and there. It's an utmost pleasure to hear them together again.

The new Dolby 7.1 audio transfer is flawless. Kudos Anchor Bay! Other special features were on the 25th anniversary DVD release, including "On Location," "TV Version Footage," a trailer, and TV/radio spots.

Anchor Bay should be commended on releasing this new high definition edition. It's worth every pretty penny.

"Halloween: 35th Anniversary Edition"

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