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No 'The Interview' For Christmas

By Jake Coyle | Dec 17
Sony Pictures has canceled the Dec. 25 release of "The Interview" after hackers threatened terrorists attacks and the largest multiplex chains in North America pulled the film from its screens.




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The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

By Kilian Melloy
The epic concludes in epic fashion; the film feels bigger than it does long, and after so many hours already spent in this fantastical land, that's saying something.

Inherent Vice

By Kilian Melloy
The movie that's resulted from Anderson's big-screen adaptation of Pynchon's noirish novel is far more likely to confound than to excite, but it's also going to blow minds and tickle funny bones.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

By Kilian Melloy
Like "Promethius" before it, "Exodus" feels too long, too shallow, and - despite its visual grandeur, plumped up with 3D production, and its big-budget gloss - not narratively big enough to fill the shoes of its predecessors.

By the Gun

By Charlie Nash
"By the Gun" is a lazy, uninspired crime drama that's the cinematic equivalent of firing off a round of blanks at your target.


By Kevin Taft
Adapted from the best-selling memoir, the film version of "Wild" is gifted by amazing performances by Witherspoon and Dern, and expertly crafted by its director.

The Foxy Merkins

By Winnie McCroy
From Madeleine Olnek and the crew who brought you "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same" comes the new lesbian comedy "The Foxy Merkins."

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