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Movies to See Before Award Season

Dec 2
Over the next few weeks, Hollywood studios will deliver a wide range of films aimed at Oscar voters and other movie and media professionals.

Review :: Things to Come

By Dale Reynolds | Dec 2
A middle-aged professor of philosophy has her life upended in a fantastically intelligent drama.

Review :: Mifune: The Last Samurai

By Noe Kamelamela | Dec 2
"Mifune: The Last Samurai" is a painstakingly crafted documentary about Toshiro Mifune's cinematic prowess.

'La La Land' Named Best Film by New York Film Critics

By Jake Coyle | Dec 2
Damien Chazelle's Los Angeles musical "La La Land" was named best film of the year by the New York Film Critics Circle.

Q&A: Gosling and Stone on 'La La Land' & Their Movie Romance

By Jake Coyle | Dec 1
The hugely charming Los Angeles musical "La La Land" seals it: Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have entered the ranks of great cinematic couples.

Review :: C.H.U.D.

By Ken Tasho | Nov 30
That horror movie sub-genre known as "Sewer Dwellers" gets its main inspiration from a Blu-ray title finally seeing the light of day.

Review :: War Dogs

By Derek Deskins | Nov 30
Although it boasts a great cast and interesting premise, "War Dogs" is without question the most bland film of Todd Phillips' career.

Natalie Portman Explores the Mysteries of Jackie Kennedy

By Lindsey Bahr | Nov 30
Natalie Portman remembers her first few days on the set of "Jackie," going all in on Jacqueline Kennedy's very specific accent and looking up to see her director Pablo Larrain's wide-eyed bafflement.

Review :: Finding Dory

By David Foucher | Nov 30
The sequel to "that fish movie" watched incessantly by children all over the world is cute and well-crafted. And for parents, it's at least something new to watch on repeat.

'Moana' a Disney Hit but Portrayal Irks Some in the Pacific

By Nick Perry | Nov 30
Disney's animated movie "Moana" debuted to critical acclaim and box office success over the Thanksgiving weekend, but some people in the South Pacific dislike how it depicts their culture.

1 thru 10 of 10619 Stories